Never Say Never

Over the course of my lifetime, there have been several things that I have said I would never do—until God called me to do them.  In fact, when I look back at some of the decisions I have made I cannot help but think that God has a sense of humor and certainly must chuckle at us much like we do at small children.  It seems that when we say “never” we are posing a challenge—perhaps expressing a willfulness that invites being broken.  The word itself invites intervention.  So it is with this confession that I begin blogging.

Ever since blogging became popular I have said, “I will never blog.”  It just seems so exposed and unfiltered.  I have kept up that mantra for years, and if you have heard me say I would never blog this is a shift for me.  Last spring as I talked with students, colleagues, and others I realized the importance of this arena.  I started thinking and praying about it, and I knew that at some point I would indeed break another one of my “nevers” and blog.  I thought about starting it last summer, but we were too busy for it to be practical.  I considered launching the blog in the fall, but after discussing it with a mentoring group at Fuller I realized that I needed to be certain and clear about why I was going to do it.  This past week, as I was reading through a couple of books for my next class I kept seeing material that I thought was important and wanted to share.  As it got me thinking about different topics I again began considering blogging and decided to go ahead and take the leap, trusting that God would catch me.

Since I am smack dab in the middle of my doctoral program at Fuller, this is a busy time, but also a rich time.  I am blessed to be exposed to a wide variety of readings and professors.  To make sure that I am able to complete my task, I plan to post once a week.  My area of interest is spiritual development and how to live Christianly in the twenty-first century.  Although these are two different areas, I believe there is significant overlap when it comes to practical day-to-day considerations.  It is my prayer that every once in a while God will use my feeble efforts to bless someone.

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2 Responses to Never Say Never

  1. Lawrence says:

    Happy to see you blogging!

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